Can lawyers make 7 figures?

I have personally trained more than 18,000 lawyers on how to manage and market their firms more efficiently and effectively. I've probably helped more lawyers than anyone else break the seven-figure income barrier. I'm not saying this to show off, but to share with you the keys to breaking the seven-figure barrier based on my experiences. It's no surprise that dismissed lawyers or law school graduates who can't find work are out of work, but there are even more lawyers who listen to the siren call to create their own firm to achieve a better work-life balance (if any).

There are many lawyers who bring their small firms to seven figures by treating them like a business, including a focus on marketing, sales, systems and strategy. Focusing on one or two industry- or service-based practice areas also helps lawyers charge more, as they are perceived as higher-value specialists. While an alarming number of lawyers don't use their degrees at all and many earn an average salary that many college students dwarf, lawyers who rise to the top of their fields can make a lot of money. Believe me, as a lawyer, the prospect of manufacturing a product could have easily discouraged me.

That's not what lawyers do, it's too complicated to explain the law, no one will trust what you tell them.

Darla Hemmeke
Darla Hemmeke

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