Do they suspend your license for a dui maryland?

The suspension of a DUI license for the first time in Maryland is temporary and generally lasts 45 to 60 days. At the end of that suspension period, if there has been none. At the end of that suspension period, if there haven't been any other issues, your driving privileges could be restored. Your driving privileges could later be affected by the outcome of the criminal case if there is a conviction.

A conviction can lead to points being added to a person's driving record, which could affect driving privileges. If the person accused of driving under the influence of alcohol for the first time refuses to submit to a breathalyzer, their license could also be automatically suspended. If you agree to have a breathalyzer and don't exceed the legal limit, or if your blood alcohol content is less than 0.08%, your driver's license will normally not be affected at that time. Underage drivers while intoxicated could face a six-month suspension for their first offense.

In the second case, that suspension is extended to one year or until they turn 21, whichever comes first. You will then receive a court hearing within the next 30 days where your Maryland DUI lawyer can advocate for a different sentence. Once again, to minimize the potential sentence, traffic lawyers can be a strong advocate for underage drivers accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. There are steps you can take to potentially reduce your license suspension, but you'll need the help of a Maryland DUI lawyer.

Attorneys with experience in traffic law can help prevent the impact of a DUI for CHL holders and can help prove in court that it was a one-time mistake.

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