How do you beat a drug trafficking charge?

Proving that the drug charges you're facing cannot be admitted in court because of mistakes made by the police is the most direct way to drop charges. If you can provide reasonable doubt that your intention was not to traffic drugs, the case may be dismissed. When you are accused of drug trafficking in West Palm Beach, Florida, you may feel the need to speak for yourself and try to reach a resolution without thinking about hiring an attorney. While you are rightly concerned about the outcome of the situation, you should take the necessary steps to ensure a better outcome in the drug trafficking charge.

If you want to know how to avoid a drug trafficking charge, you must first understand what drug trafficking means in West Palm Beach, Florida. The burden of proof falls on the police when they arrest him. The fact is, sometimes just being close to the medication gives them reason to believe that you were involved. However, there may not be enough evidence to show that you knew or possessed the medication in question.

Being close to a drug is not proof of possession. If the court cannot prove that you had “constructive possession” of the drug, you cannot be charged with drug possession. In addition, drug trafficking can be prosecuted at the federal level if there was a large amount of the illegal substance, if the case included any other federal criminal law, such as money laundering, or if a federal official led the investigation or even the arrest. Another Hail Mary tactic that your lawyer can use to help you overcome drug trafficking charges is to argue that the prosecution failed to present sufficient evidence that the substance in their possession is, in fact, a controlled illegal drug.

For a free consultation with a drug trafficking defense lawyer in Tampa, contact The Rickman Law Firm today. In addition to the multitude of federal drug laws, each state has its own set of laws that govern the movement and sale of controlled substances. The purpose of Florida's drug trafficking law is noble: to target high-level drug traffickers and ensure that these people receive very serious penalties that exceed those imposed for being a normal street drug dealer. The lawyer can use this effective defense when the IC partners with law enforcement to strongly pressure him to traffic drugs.

In many cases, there is room for an attorney with experience in drug-related crimes to present the right defense to overcome a drug trafficking charge for the first time. Consulting an experienced drug trafficking lawyer is essential to finding the best strategy for overcoming a drug trafficking charge. Almost every day we see people who are the furthest thing from a high-level drug dealer you can imagine facing drug trafficking charges with incredibly greater penalties. Facing a drug trafficking charge for the first time is a disturbing experience and consulting an experienced lawyer is a vitally important first step in figuring out how to overcome a drug trafficking charge for the first time.

However, it is crucial to note that many states always act based on existing national laws on drug trafficking.

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