How to find a lawyer in new york?

If you need legal advice or someone to handle your case, contact a private attorney. To find an attorney, contact your county bar association's attorney referral service. The New York State Bar Association, the National College of Victims of Crime, and the New York courts also provide useful public services. New York attorneys must have the appropriate licenses, certificates, and credentials before they can be admitted to the State Bar.

The New York State Bar Association and the New York City Bar Association can help you find an attorney in your area. An easy way to ensure that your lawyer is certified as an attorney is to use LegalMatch, a service that evaluates lawyers and compiles background reports for their clients, free of charge. Before hiring a New York attorney to represent you, it's essential that you ensure that you have the proper license and a good disciplinary record. If your legal problem relates to personal injury, social security, medical malpractice, military and veteran laws, unemployment, or workers' compensation, the 30-minute meeting with the attorney is free.

For information on how to hire an attorney for free, visit LawHelp and enter your zip code or the county where you live. Check to see if the Judicial Help Center has volunteer attorneys, or use the court locator button to contact the court and ask questions. During your consultation with the lawyer, you and the lawyer will discuss your legal problem and the lawyer will advise you. There are several programs that offer a lawyer to a veteran for free or at a reduced rate.

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