Is being a lawyer a good career for the future?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment opportunities for lawyers may increase by 9% between now and 2030. This figure is slightly higher than the average for all occupations, which is 8%. The agency estimates approximately 46,000 lawyer vacancies each year during this time period. Law school can be an excellent opportunity to develop legal knowledge and prepare for your career as a lawyer.

Getting a law degree requires time and money, and some people wonder if it's worth the investment. Deciding if law school is worth the money and cost depends largely on your personal, professional, and financial goals. Most lawyers work in private and corporate law offices. Some work for federal, local, and state governments.

Most work full time and many work more than 40 hours a week. The harsh truth is that the legal profession is extremely tiring. When you choose to be a lawyer, you are choosing a path that often requires spending long hours studying and preparing for each case. Your tasks can start with fairly low stakes and move into high-risk stressful situations overnight, depending on a variety of factors.

The federal government will likely continue to need lawyers to pursue civil or criminal actions on behalf of the United States. The rollercoaster of the recent housing market and the increase in urban development have created many jobs for lawyers interested in this legal, transactional and planning work. Attorneys must be precise and specific when preparing documents, such as wills, trusts, and powers of attorney. Lawyers must be able to find the laws and regulations that apply to a specific matter, in order to provide appropriate legal advice to their clients.

As cryptocurrency values fluctuate dramatically, the market is constantly moving and more lawyers are needed to manage both regulatory compliance and individual cases. Lawyers often oversee the work of support staff, such as legal assistants, legal assistants, and legal secretaries. Attorneys can face heavy pressure while working, for example, during trials or when trying to meet deadlines. Learn more about lawyers by visiting additional resources, such as O*NET, a source on the key characteristics of workers and occupations.

Lawyers must be able to clearly present and explain their case to arbitrators, mediators, opposing parties, judges, or juries, because they speak on behalf of their clients. Now, thanks to COVID-19, when your home is your office and your office is your home, the concept of work-life balance no longer exists and can make a lawyer's life even more stressful than before the pandemic. Lawyers who own their own offices generally earn less than those who work in law firms or other commercial establishments. As for a lawyer's salary, while having a law degree doesn't always guarantee huge salaries right away, most law graduates end up earning more, significantly more, in the long run.

Public interest lawyers work for private, non-profit organizations that provide legal services to disadvantaged individuals or others who would not otherwise be able to afford legal representation. Many state and local law schools and bar associations offer continuing legal education courses that help lawyers keep up to date with recent developments. Securities lawyers work on legal issues arising from the buying and selling of shares, ensuring that all disclosure requirements are met. Because regulations are complex and increasing, there is a constant demand for lawyers to support policy and compliance programs.


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