What field of law makes the most money?

Trial lawyers are among the highest-paid legal professionals in the world. Thousands of people practice around the world, but civil litigators who deal with high-money, high-profile, high-risk cases receive the highest compensation. Trial lawyers must have an excellent knowledge of procedural law and have a responsibility to keep abreast of trends and changes in a constantly evolving field. When you know which lawyers make the most money, you may wonder what the lowest paying jobs are for lawyers.

U.S. tax laws are incredibly complex, and tax lawyers need to be aware of changes that may affect their clients. Not all law schools are the same, and the most prestigious schools have the potential to earn higher incomes, although this is not always the case. This type of lawyer provides clients with a variety of legal advice and services related to medical law.

A career in politics could be for you if you like the idea of working to change laws for the betterment of an entire state or country. It's important to remember that the income a lawyer earns depends on a variety of factors, including the number of hours a lawyer spends and the decisions they make when pursuing a career. Private sector lawyers usually earn different salaries than public sector lawyers, such as employees of federal, state, and municipal government agencies. Environmental lawyers can become an excellent career option, especially for those who have previous experience in a regulated industry.

A company's in-house attorney is an attorney who works on behalf of the company rather than representing a variety of clients independently as law firm lawyers do. The tax structure in the United States is constantly changing and tax lawyers should be aware of all changes to the law as they are enacted and when they are proposed. At some of the largest law firms in the country, first-year associates can earn six figures; however, lawyers who work for nonprofit organizations, such as legal aid, generally earn less. Lawyers in this field practice in a fast-paced environment, requiring them to stay abreast of ever-changing laws and procedures.

Corporate lawyers provide clients with advice on business transactions, acquisitions and mergers, the sale of companies, and legal advice on managing a corporation. Requirements for the best candidates include a law degree from one of the best law schools, a law review, an upper-class position, experience in judicial internships, experience practicing law, and publication credits in academic journals.

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