What happens when you get a dui for the first-time?

Since first-time DUI is classified as a misdemeanor in every state, a conviction could mean up to six months in jail. However, the sentence may be extended if there are aggravating circumstances. However, offenders who commit a DUI for the first time generally serve shorter jail sentences and spend the rest of their time on probation or performing community services. When you are arrested for drunk driving, you will likely be put in jail until your BAC is reduced to zero.

This can be just a couple of hours or all day, depending on how much the person has been drinking. The police will take you off the road if it is determined that you are having trouble driving. He faces up to six months in county jail if found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol. For example, he faces up to nine months in jail if a minor was inside the vehicle when he was arrested.

In addition, a drunk driving charge involving excessive speed can also result in more severe jail sentences. Certain key factors of what happened during a drunk driving or DWI arrest can contribute to a case being dismissed in court or trial. Attorneys for the prosecution or the court itself regularly dismiss charges for driving while drunk for the first time. While all arrests for drunk driving, including the denial of a test, must still be won in court, the police know that they need breathalyzer tests to have a real chance of proving a DUI in court.

What happens when drivers arrested for drunk driving can identify police errors early in a case provides the key to getting the first DUI dismissed quickly based on legal technicalities. This way, all drivers who contact us will know what to expect and what alternative solutions may be available to quickly resolve a DUI case, before spending money too quickly on a lawyer they are not sure to hire. A conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol can remain on your record for up to ten years, hence the need to hire a lawyer specializing in DUI cases in West Palm Beach when facing charges. Determining which first-time driving defenses work and will apply to your specific situation can only happen when a top-tier lawyer can review your arrest and inform you directly of all your true available legal defenses.

Even today's most common misdemeanor DUI offense still has a greater chance of going to jail when there is no solid first defense for driving under the influence of alcohol to reduce or dismiss charges. However, a person under the age of 21 can be charged with a normal DUI instead of a minor DUI if they exceeded the normal legal limit of 0.08 or if there are aggravating factors. If you were last convicted of DUI 11 years ago, a current offense, it would be considered your first offense for the purposes of DUI statutes. Once one of the best DUI lawyers in your area can review the details of your case with us, some of the possible evidence against you could be challenged, such as the results of breathalyzer tests, for example.

Depending on the outcome of going to court, the typical consequences of a conviction for driving drunk for the first time today are mandatory court fines, several hours of driving under the influence of alcohol classes, the automatic suspension of the license and, in some cases, the possibility of going to jail.

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