What is the lowest lawyer salary?

From the media and pharmaceutical products to technology and the food industry, there is a lot of intellectual property that lawyers need to protect it, and they receive good compensation for doing so. The third area is real estate, as a growing number of firms need lawyers who can help clients understand state and local real estate laws, zoning laws, title research, and lease management. Geography will affect pay, as lawyers in larger cities will take home more than lawyers in rural areas. Health care was the fifth area, as lawyers are needed for government agencies and healthcare providers, as well as for law firms that require lawyers with experience in medical research and health care implementation.

Government lawyers at all levels represent the people of the city, state or country in criminal actions and civil complaints. In general, lawyers in the private sector make more money than lawyers in the public sector, and independent professionals make less money than lawyers in large firms. Personal injury lawyers generally work on a contingent fee basis and receive a percentage of their clients' profits, so salaries will vary depending on the severity of the clients' circumstances, as well as the success rates of lawyers. The first is the expensive corporate lawyer in a tailored suit, who works for a pressure group in Washington or for a law firm on Wall Street.

While this is an extreme case, it can be concluded that some law jobs do not pay the high salary that is often promised to young lawyers who have just finished law school. Then there's the lawyer with the crumpled business cards who lives above a bowling alley, hoping to find a single client before he loses possession of his second-hand car. In general, the larger the law firm, the longer the payday (the notable exceptions are Watchell, Lipton and Rosen & Katz) and some corporate lawyers earn more than seven figures. While large corporations can count on staff tax lawyers, companies of all sizes, as well as individuals, can hire a tax attorney to help them with an audit or other problems that may arise with the IRS.

These are public interest jobs with which many lawyers get great satisfaction, even if they don't make a lot of money.

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